How to Choose a Wedding Band and Music

22 Nov

The kind of music played in a wedding ceremony, and reception is an important consideration in any wedding plans. You, therefore, need to make the right selection when it comes to this. There are different kinds of music that are suitable for wedding ceremonies,  and the choice has to be in line with your specific ceremony style. You have to consider the seating of the guests, bridal march, wedding ceremony, wedding march and the reception.

You and your partner need to decide whether you want to go to for a live Chicago Wedding Band, or pre-recorded music. The kind of music you settle on is usually a reflection of your style and taste as bride and groom. They can be in line with your culture, or the theme of the wedding. Couples also select a few songs that are close to their hearts, and those that were special in their courtship days.

Nowadays, couples are presented with so many options when it comes to wedding music. They have the options of a live wedding band, a string quartet, a live DJ, or simply opting to have pre-recorded music played. Most of those who like traditional ceremonies will go for a live wedding band. Live bands afford such occasions that warmth and intimacy that makes it even more special. The audience also tends to enjoy this better. Know more about weddings at

Another advantage to his is that the Chicago Wedding Band shall keep reading the mood of the crowd and make the necessary changes to ensure they are entertained thoroughly, and leave with great memories of the event. The only challenge is the limit on the number and kinds of songs they can play. They mostly have a pre-fixed list to work with. The good thing is that if they are informed well in advance, they shall prepare a wider selection for you. It might cost you a little extra, but the day shall be wonderful.

It is important that you select the right song for the first dance. It has to be one that is comfortable for you and your partner. Ensure it is not too fast or too slow unless you both are professional dancers. The song also needs to mean something to the two of you, as well as memorable. Do not simply settle for the latest song.

A wedding day is an important event in your life. You need to remember it as the best day of o=your life. Your musical considerations will play a big part of this.

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